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Yola Guz’s philosophy when creating Silk Flower Wedding Bouquets on line is that “beauty can be kept forever. Especially when we know that a bride’s desire is to capture the magical moment of her wedding by keeping her wedding bridal bouquet for the rest of her life.”

Yola’s passion for excellence about brides and wedding flowers bouquets has enabled her to create a line of Artificial Wedding Bouquets that are at the cutting edge of fashion flowers.

The realism her quality silk flower wedding bouquets possess will make brides worldwide extremely happy. Her unique attention to detail has created a high quality and innovative wedding bridal bouquet collection that will make every bride’s dream come true. Yola’s discerning eye for color, texture, and design is what she brings to the table for all brides desiring a memorable wedding no matter what their social status or ethnic background may be.  Yola’s Silk Flower Wedding Bouquets will last forever and the bride      will be able to keep it in the elegant custom box that will be provided with the delivery.

The bride will find a collection of Artificial Wedding Bouquets with trendy colors and elegant designs.  Yola uses just the best quality Silk Flowers in her collection.  The bride will find Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets, Orchid Wedding Bouquets, Peony Wedding Bouquets, Anemone Wedding Bouquets, Tulip Wedding Bouquets and Rose Wedding Bouquets in the collection.

In her Collection of Artificial Wedding Bouquets Yola uses color in a masterfully way.  You will find soft and hot pink Silk Bridal bouquets that represent feminity and Romantism.  This color will work for the traditional and modern bride as well.

In the Silk Flower Wedding Collection the bride will find a real nice choice of a Green Wedding Bouquets. There is a white and     Green Wedding Bouquet that is used by the intelligent bride that believes in preserving the environment and keeping things simple and trendy.

There is also a Lavender Silk Flower Wedding Bouquet that represents todays trends.  This bouquet will offer the bride style combined with Romantism and Sensuality.

With the order of each Silk Flower Wedding Bouquet there will be a matching Boutonniere included.

Brides Maid Silk Flower Wedding Bouquets are available by special order.  Please call or send an E-mail with your request.

Please see Silk Flower Wedding Bouquets Guarantee.

Note: Other color options for each bouquet are available upon request, please call our customer service number for details.

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