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Preserved Wedding Flowers Guarantee

Preserved Wedding Flowers Guarantee

We hope you love your wedding flowers, as we are committed to making sure that they arrive on time and in perfect condition. To keep this commitment, a Yola Guz  representative will call you when you place your order to verify the details including your wedding date, and then again on the day your flowers have been delivered to make sure that everything is well and to answer any questions you may have. Please inspect your flowers as soon as they are received and notify us right away if there are any problems.

If for any reason your flowers are not in perfect condition, we will immediately work to make it right and send replacements.

Please note that preserved flowers will differ in flower size and exact color. We cannot replace bouquets that do not exactly match a color palette, or whose colors vary slightly from the picture. Preserved Flowers have a tendency to have slight variations in size and color and will not all be identical, therefore it is very difficult to match them exactly to dress or decor colors. Ribbon and pin colors may also vary slightly from the picture, but will be in the same color family.

The Preserved Wedding Flowers Guarantee does not apply to slight color variations, streaks in the color, differences in the flower head size, or small spots. These are natural characteristics of Preserved flowers.

Please keep your Preserved Flowers Bridal Bouquet in the original box for storage after the wedding.  It is advisable to keep the bouquet in a room temperature of 75 degrees % with low humidity.

For this agreement to be effective, it is mandatory that we receive pictures of the damaged items within 12 hours of receiving the flowers.

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