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Yola Guz’ goal with her collection of Preserved Flower Wedding Bouquets ON LINE is to provide the bride an opportunity to enjoy the advantages of having a natural-looking wedding bridal bouquet that will last for years.

The preserved wedding bouquets will maintain their fresh-cut appearance, softness, and color for many years. No water or light is required.

Yola Guz developed her own process to preserved the natural fresh-cut state of her wedding flower  bridal bouquets, allowing each wedding bridal bouquet to maintain its natural aspects. Colors are as vivid and shiny as those of fresh flowers and they not fade over time. Our Preserved Flower Wedding Bouquets are made with natural materials and packaged in an individual customized box, which means the happy bride will be able to save and enjoy her wedding bouquet for many years to come.  The beauty and freshness of the bouquet will remain intact for many years.  It is recommended that the customized original box is used when the bride puts the preserved wedding bouquet away after the wedding.  This will ensure its freshness.  High temperatures and high humidity need to be avoided.

With this collection of Preserved Wedding Bouquets Yola has created one of today’s most popular styles in bridal flower bouquets which derives from the English tradition.  Called by some designers “English Style”.  However she has brought it to a different level     by adding pearls, stones, rhinestones and fabrics to her designs. Also she employs beautiful handles that in most cases are embellished with ribbons and fabrics using a pleased technique.  By bringing her designs to another level she is providing today’s bride with a couture collection that is the best choice in the industry.  For the sophisticated bride whom is planning a wedding Yola’s collection will give her various options of styles and flower possibilities.

With the order of each Preserved Wedding Bouquet there will be a matching Boutonniere included.

Brides Maid Wedding Flowers Bouquets are available by special order. Please call us at 305-592-4070 or send us an email with your request at

Please see Preserved Flower Wedding Bouquets Guarantee.

Note: Other color options for each bouquet are available upon request, please call our customer service number for details.

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